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Got my package today - INSANE!

Really beautiful quality. You can tell you guys put a lot of love and attention in creating everything. 

Really proud to be a backer and help support the physical release.

Congrats to the team!  Look forward to "Insaine Pain 2" or any other games in the future.❤️

♥️ Thanks!! 

Just <3 :)

Your games are <3 too ;)

Congratulations, the game was excellent, I made a gameplay directly on the CRT TV 😉👍

Thanks! If you have some fun, we are happy 😊 

This project is commendable, a new concept of fighting game. great plot, who knows it becomes a movie.

Boas, como jogo como Payne e Exitor? Obrigado.

write in english please

Sorry about that. How to play as Payne and Exitor?

Thats a secret, you must find out by yourself.

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Deleted 95 days ago

cool retro

Thx :)